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Breast implants through the belly button (TUBA) are now being done at Tahoe Plastic Surgery. Total cost is $4900 (up to 800 cc size). Anyone can have it if there are no previous scars or hernias in the upper abdomen. The operation takes a little over 30 minutes. Most patients are out the door in an hour with less discomfort and usually no bruising. The implants can be placed either under the muscle or over. Over is better if there is any excess skin in your breast. Under is better for ultra lean patients who have never been pregnant. E-mail a photo of your breasts (close-up straight-on frontal and perfectly 90 degrees side view with a solid background) and Dr. Foster will change it to show the results that are possible. Call Sheila at 1 800 742-7387 for an appointment and please avoid Aspirin for a month before your procedure.

Breast augmentation adds volume to the breast with an implant to increase fullness and create better balance with the rest of your figure. Due to the Breast Augmentation performed by Dr. Lawrence Foster, your clothing options will expand tremendously, and you'll be comfortable wearing many styles that you were not confident about before the procedure. The Breast Augmentation procedure is performed in Lake Tahoe, California.

For the Breast Augmentation, different types of breast implants are available and different approaches for the augmentation. You and Dr. Lawrence Foster will decide the best type of breast implant and approach for your breast augmentation after your consultation. Breasts are extremely different from person to person, and some approaches give the best breast augmentation results in certain patients.

Small breasts usually result from one of two causes:
Lack of development of the breast during puberty
Loss of breast fullness following pregnancy.

How much your breasts can be enlarged for the breast augmentation depends on your tissues and your desires regarding breast size. For example, if you have never been pregnant, and have a very small 'A' cup breast, your skin may be very tight. This may limit the size that can be achieved. Remember that you want your breasts to be in proportion to the rest of your body - resulting in a beautiful breast augmentation performed by Dr. Lawrence Foster.

At your consultation,
Dr. Lawrence Foster will discuss your preferences regarding breast size, and how you would like your breasts to look. After examining you, Dr. Lawrence Foster will recommend certain breast augmentation procedures to you. Dr. Lawrence Foster performs the breast surgery in Lake Tahoe, California.

Breast implants do not cause breast cancer. Excellent scientific studies indicate that breast cancer occurs in about ten percent of women, regardless of whether they have had breast augmentation or not.

Breast implants (Breast Augmentation and Breast Surgery) may make a mammogram somewhat more difficult to read. This does not mean that a mammogram can't be adequately read, simply that the mammograms must be performed and interpreted by someone experienced in the proper techniques. When an implant is present, the breast should be pulled in front of the implant before compressing for a mammogram. This maneuver, combined with additional views if necessary, allows better visualization of the breast tissue. Don't forget Dr. Lawrence Foster is located in Lake Tahoe, California.

The Unforeseen Benefits of Breast Implants

  • Breast implants can work like an internal airbag. A 65 yr. old patient came back to me 20 years after implantation and 1 year after a violent auto accident which not only ruptured her left implant but fractured 5 ribs under it. The gel implant had been removed and now she wanted it replaced. After hearing her story of a week in ICU and several weeks in the hospital, it became obvious to me that she had had a life threatening injury, which very well could have been a fatal cardiac contusion without the "internal airbag".

  • Pre-op exams have caught soon-to-be fatal conditions early enough to be not only reversed but cured. After 34 years of practice and over 40,000 pre-op exams I have found over a dozen life-threatening conditions that the patients were not aware of, including a malignant lymphoma, two chronic leukemias, a constrictive pericarditis, a chronic cardiac failure, a lung cancer, a pyelonephritis, several chronic bladder infections, a silent coronary occlusion, severe hypertension, chronic atrial fibrillation and a metastatic carcinoma of the colon.

  • After well over 5,000 augmentation mammaplasties there has not been a single fatal breast cancer to my knowledge. Implants flatten the breast parenchyma and push any nodule closer to the skin where they are discovered sooner. They block the lymphatic drainage toward the muscle and direct any metastases toward the axillary nodes which also buys time. I'm beginning to wonder if this vascular and lymphatic alteration might even discourage neoplasia in the first place!

  • I recently had a patient tell me an endocrinologist said her hypothryoidism disappeared after her aug. mamm. I am wondering if the Betadine pocket irrigation cleared up an iodine deficiency situation. If there is significant absorption of iodine from Betadine pocket irrigation, it can saturate all the iodine binding sites in the thyroid and prevent any significant Iodine 131 absorption when exposed to a nuclear power plant disaster. Breast implants can protect you from "Terrorism"!

  • Pregnancy is actually the commonest "complication" of augmentation mammoplasty. As such, augmentation might turn out to be the best initial treatment for infertility.

  • A recent program on the Discovery Channel pointed out that nulliparous human females have larger breasts than is necessary for breast feeding compared to all the other primates. They implied that it may be due to evolutionary selection caused by the preference of human males. Human males have been unconsciously selecting the mates they think can nurse their mutual off-spring to a higher state of health and intelligence. If that is true, breast implants increase the selection of mates available to each woman and eventually elevate the health and intelligence of the entire human race. "Nuff said!"

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